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The most luxurious, glamorous hair extensions available in Australia.

European Remy Hair Extensions Available In AustraliaHighest Quality Virgin Russian Hair Extensions

At Vogue Hair Group we understand quality, which is why we only offer genuine cuticle intact (Remy) Russian hair extensions.

What are cuticle intact extensions?

Cuticle intact hair extensions have a cuticle layer which is made of thin cells that look like scales, each one overlapping the next in one direction from root to tip. The cuticle layer is known to protect hair from negative environmental effects and keeps the hair healthy, shiny and soft. If the cuticle is damaged, the hair loses its natural shine, becomes fragile and tangles easily. Hair without a cuticle layer is literally dead, dry, brittle and dull. If hair extensions have no cuticle layer, manufacturers try to give them a decent look by covering them with a thick silicone layer, hence why most inferior hair extensions are unnaturally shiny and smooth. After a few washes they lose their artificial coating and reveal their low quality non-remy hair, which in turn breaks off, tangles and mats.

With our cuticle intact natural Russian human hair extensions there is no need to enhance the hair's natural beauty. With the right care it will stay the same luxurious quality as the day it was purchased and will not fade over time. All of our quality hair extensions have a life expectancy of up to 2 years.


Why "Virgin" Russian Hair?

Russian hair is naturally silky, shiny and soft. Its colours vary from medium to light brown which makes it easy to dye without severe treatment.

Our extension hair is ethically sourced from women of all ages in Russia and is thoroughly checked and hygienically treated before construction.


Super long hair extensions, long lasting quality Australia

Here at Vogue Hair Group we have been searching and testing for 10 years to source the best quality European hair for our extensions and we have finally found it! We are so excited to share this amazingly beautiful hair with women around the globe who deserve to feel and look their very best.

Our team have struggled with thin, unflattering hair and have tried many many different types of hair extensions over the years, but we have never been happy with the quality. Even worse is the fact that we have had to replace them every 4 months (at the absolute best!). 

We have really taken our time to ensure we are producing the best quality hair extensions possible and cannot wait for everyone to feel the difference xx


What makes Vogue Hair Group’s hair extensions different from the rest?

At Vogue Hair Group we only supply top quality hair extensions which we stock right here in Australia. They are 100% human remy hair sourced from donors all over Russia. It is very rare that you will find genuine virgin Russian hair in hair extensions, so once you feel our products you will realise why Russian hair extensions are regarded as the best in the world.

In manufacturing, the only treatment this hair undergoes is the colouring process which does not affect the quality of the hair in any way. Unfortunately, most companies are sourcing hair from factories that use non-cuticle (not remy) hair in the production of their extensions, even though they claim they using remy hair! The low quality of the hair is revealed after just a few washes once the silicone layer has been washed off. Vogue Hair Group are looking for life-long, loyal customers  which is why our quality is, and always will be, our number one focus.


Is Vogue Hair Remy hair?

Yes. 100% cuticle intact (remy) hair. The cuticle layer is made of thin cells that look like scales overlapping each other in the direction from roots to tips.

Can I style my extensions with a hair dryer and straightener?

Yes, these are human hair extensions so you may style your hair with heat, however we do not recommend daily use as we would also not recommend daily use on your natural hair.

Where are Vogue Hair Group located?

We are located in QLD Australia.

Do you ship worldwide?


How long does shipping take?

If you are located in Australia, shipping is generally 1-2 business days. The rest of the world, depending where, can take between 3-7 business days.

 Can I return the extensions?

You may return the extensions if they have not been used. You can return within 14 business days.

How long will the hair last?

With the right care, your extensions should last 12 months (sometimes even up to 2 years).

How do I become a stockist?

Please contact us directly to become a stockist. 

Can I become a Brand Ambassador?

We understand the importance of the social media, so we are always happy to have a chat with anyone who would like to go into partnership with us.

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